In October 2008, we were contacted by a lawyer who said there was a birthmother who was interested in us. That same evening, this birthmother called and we talked for 45 minutes. During our conversation, she invited us to fly out for her ultrasound in December. After hanging up the phone, I turned to Isaac and said, "I think she chose us!!"

We met Arlianne and her mother a few days before Christmas in 2008. We were there for the ultrasound and were thrilled to find out that Arlianne was having a girl! We constantly emailed, texted, and talked to Arlianne over the next few months. On April 2nd, a few days before we were going to fly out to Utah for the delivery, we got a phone call from Arlianne's mom. The baby was on her way! We had two hours to buy plane tickets, pack, and make it to the airport. After a five hour flight and a two hour car ride, we were at the hospital. Arlianne had a c-section a few hours later, and our precious Hazel Ann was born.

Hazel has brought more love and happiness into our home than we could have ever imagined. She has made every bump in the journey, every day longing to have children, worth the wait! We love and cherish her more than words can express.

Sara loves being able to stay home with Hazel. They play and learn together, and go on lots of adventures- to the park, zoo, beach, library, and lots of play dates with friends.

Hazel was an incredibly happy baby and is now a happy and spunky three year old! She loves to play outside, go swimming, go on bike rides, cook, sing at the top of her lungs, dance to Spice Girls music, and play with her cousins. She is completely obsessed with princesses, jewelry, and playing dress up.


We are so excited to add to our family through adoption, and to share our love and adventures with more children.