We love to spend time together as a family! Hazel is quite a well traveled baby- in her first year of life, she'd traveled to 17 states and Canada! In addition to traveling, we also love camping, biking, and going to the beach.

Old Faithful at Yellowstone
The month before Hazel was born, we had a wonderful 'baby-moon' to Puerto Rico. We can't wait to take Hazel there!
We went on a West Wing tour of the White House

Niagara Falls in Canada
on a jet ski in Lake Powell
Lincoln Memorial, DC
relaxing on a beach in Florida
on an air boat ride into the Everglades to see alligators.
meeting Mickey at Disneyland

Birthdays and holidays are a big deal in our family. Birthday Week starts the week before your birthday and ends with a big celebration, holidays are all celebrated with special events, food, gifts, decorations, and more. We love to party (and wear matching homemade costumes on Halloween)!

Hazel's first birthday
Hazel's second birthday
Sara's 30th birthday surprise party
Hazel's third birthday- rainbows!

Super Heroes

The Three Amigoss

Ninja Turtles

on Father's Day, Hazel and I woke up to a tea party that Isaac had set up for us. He'd even gotten us presents! Hazel and I made him a tshirt with a drawing that Hazel did.
Valentine's Breakfast


We both have wonderful families who love Hazel so much!

Isaac is the fifth of eight children in his family. We have 18 nieces and nephews on his side. Sara is the youngest of six children there are 14 nieces and nephews on her side. Hazel's cousins adore her, and she never has a dull moment with all of these kids!

We love to travel, camp, play, eat, and simply hang out with our families. They are our favorite people!

Our Family, Friends, and Hazel's Birth Family at the Bountiful Temple

Becoming parents has been the greatest adventure of our lives. No matter what we are doing or where we are, we are so lucky to have each other!